Mind your mates.
Mind your wellbeing.
Mind your mental health.




Talk to someone

The RANZCP has a directory of private psychiatrists working in Australia. Some psychiatrists you can just call up and book a private appointment (with no medicare rebate) - but many will want you to talk to your GP about getting a referral (which will qualify you for a medicare rebate): https://www.yourhealthinmind.org/find-a-psychiatrist 

Steps from the RANZCP for getting help: www.yourhealthinmind.org/get-help

Lifeline has an online crisis-chat service available from 7:00pm - 4.00am (Syd time) 7 days a week: www.lifeline.org.au/get-help/online-services/crisis-chat


Assess your mental health

'Are you ok?' is a website designed and made by junior doctors to promote the health and wellbeing of junior doctors! Contains self assessment tools, vignettes, and ideas to help reduce stress. www.jmohealth.org.au

Greater Good in Action is a collaboration of UC Berkely's Greater Good Science Centre and HopeLab to provide the best evidence-based resources for a happier, more meaningful life! ggia.berkeley.edu

This Way Up has the K-10 and other assessment tools, information sheets and online courses thiswayup.org.au/

The Pursuit of Happiness has a strengths-based happiness quiz and lots of resources on the 'science of happiness' www.pursuit-of-happiness.org

Mindtools has heaps of resources and self-assessments, including the burnout self-test www.mindtools.com

Authentic happiness has heaps of questionnaires, videos and resources about positive psychology www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu

CALM (Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind) is a website with resources about resilience, relationship and meaning; and heaps of mindfulness resources! Developed by the University of Auckland Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences www.calm.auckland.ac.nz


Learn about your mind

Dr Dan Siegel is a renowned American psychiatrist - he coined the term 'Mindsight' and the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology. He has free resources on his websites, and lots of bestselling books! www.drdansiegel.com

Dr Russ Harris (author of 'The Happiness Trap' and Australian 'Acceptance and Commitment Therapy' guru) has a youtube channel with heaps of short and insightful videos about how your mind works! view his channel here

Dr Kristen Neff is a world leader in the research on self-compassion! She has provided a number of useful free resources (including free meditations) on her website: self-compassion.org


Medicine-related blogs and articles

Insights on residency training NEJM Journal Watch

Reading novels at medical school blog at nytimes.com

The wellbeing of physician relationships Western Journal of Medicine

The painful truth: physicians are not invincible Medscape

Emotional survival skills for physicians in training American Psychological Association

The comics revealing medical school's hidden flaws and hard lessons The Atlantic



A directory of mindfulness resources is available at www.freemindfulness.org/links

Tara Brach is practitioner of insight meditation (a type of Buddhist meditation) - she has heaps of free talks and meditations available online: www.tarabrach.com/guided-meditations


Prompts for reflection

TED talks - no doubt you've heard about TED! They have heaps of interesting and thoughtful videos! www.ted.com

The School of Life has lots of 'tools for a thoughtful life' - free youtube videos and blogs, and well-priced books! www.theschooloflife.com

Dumbo Feather 'conversations with extraordinary people' is a website with interesting blogs, videos and podcasts www.dumbofeather.com

Sounds true is a nexus of 'spiritual guidance' with lots of resources on mindfulness, buddhist teachings, and relationship advice www.soundstrue.com/store/


General resources

thedesk.org was specifically designed for students - it does require registration, but it has heaps of tools and educational modules! www.thedesk.org.au

Headsup.com is geared towards creating a mentally healthy workplace, with lots of great resources for organisation leaders and health professionals www.headsup.org.au/promoting-the-mental-health-of-doctors-and-medical-students

Mental health toolkit was created for staff at the University of Queensland, but contains some great links to treatment and preventative resources www.hr.uq.edu.au/e-mental-health-resources

R-Cubed (real resilience resources) aims to provide GP registrars, med students and young doctors with real strategies to build resilence during busy times www.rcubed.org.au