Fellow Organisations dedicated to mental health and wellbeing

Doctors’ Health Queensland 

QLD Doctors’ Health Program (QDHP) is an arm of Doctor’s Health Program, an organisation developed by doctors, led by doctors. It offers free and confidential help to doctors and medical students facing difficulties. The advice is often in relation to stress and mental health difficulties, alcohol and substance problems, personal or financial crises.

Postvention Australia

Australia is Australia’s peak body in suicide bereavement, offering support, information and access to services for both those impacted by a suicide and those who want to help. If you have been impacted by suicide or would like to learn more about caring for people affected by it, maybe even as part of our future career as doctors, please visit this website:

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Postvention is currently searching for representatives from each state in Australia to help further the cause of Postvention. If you are interested in acting as an ambassador, please follow this link: postventionaustralia.org/youth-ambassadors



Friends2Fit is a community based in Brisbane, QLD that aims to reduce stress through social interaction and physical activity. Join them on Facebook to find friends and get fit!


Headspace Indooroopilly


Headspace provides free or low cost counselling services to people aged 15-25 years. They are dedicated to providing support to young people who may be struggling with a range of issues:


  • mental health

  • finances

  • study workload

  • gender identity and sexuality

  • drug and alcohol use

  • bullying

  • relationship difficulties


You can give them a call on 3157 1555, or check out their website


UQ Psychology Clinic: Mindfulness Program

The four week Mindfulness Group Program is run in small groups for 2 hour sessions. It provides participants with a combination of information about mindfulness and practical exercises to learn and practice mindfulness skills. Topic include:


  • Being aware in the present

  • Mindful breathing

  • Body awareness

  • Mindfulness in everyday life

Participation in the program will cost $60 (including 4x 2-hour weekly sessions, handouts, and CD resource).


Contact the clinic to register your interest and find out more about proposed group dates and times: