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Our Story

Medical School is a balancing act.


UQMind all began with a simple question — why isn’t anything being done for the health and wellbeing of the UQ MD cohort? And so, a group of students decided to take on this challenge, and do something meaningful and real, as med students helping med students.

Surviving and enjoying medical school is a balancing act – keeping up with your studies, having a life with your friends and family, and staying healthy and active can be challenging; although studying medicine is an enriching experience, there are times when it tests us all. From this, our mission is thus:

“To provide students with well-being advocacy and support that is consistent, not symptomatic and meets the wide and varied needs of the medical student cohort with a proactive focus towards prevention rather than treatment.”

If that sounds vague, that’s because it is. UQMind is here to do anything and everything UQ students need. In 2016, our inaugural year, this started with a group of second year MD students visiting Med Camp for a chat about all things studying medicine, including the importance of taking time weekly to NOT study medicine. Advice ranged from which textbooks were best to the importance of putting down those textbooks regularly to pursue other interests.


This continued later in the semester and saw UQMind successfully combine the two things med students love most: free things and coffee. In 30 minutes 300 medical students were caffeinated for free, with super smooth cold press coffee, as a congratulation for making it through first semester.

And finally, later in the year, our largest and most exciting event was born: BLUE WEEK. This consisted of a week-long range of events held for medical students to evaluate both their mental and physical well-being. Med students took some deep breaths in a yoga sesh, listened to mental health leaders discuss wellbeing at our Symposium, took some time to pet PUPPIES at Wellness Fest, and grabbed free cold brew coffee while checking-in with their mates at RUOK? coffee morning.

The last 4 years have been an absolute ride for UQMind and we’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to the UQMS, UQ School of Medicine and the UQ Med cohort for their excitement, enthusiasm and support in this exciting and constantly growing venture! We are excited to see what the future holds for UQMind!

Mind your mates. Mind your wellbeing. Mind your mental health.