UQMind is here to do anything and everything UQ students need. 

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Book Club

‘Read between the minds’ is UQMind’s book club! We read 1-2 books each semester. After finishing each book we organise to meet and have a chat! We’ve been sticking to classical non-medical books, which is a great way to maintain our interests outside of medicine. Feel free to comment/suggest a book you’re keen on.


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Death Cafe’s

Doctors are in a unique position in regards to death – they come face-to-face with it everyday. It’s hard to prepare for these difficult conversations – but discussing our own mortality (in a safe environment) is a start!


Death Cafe’s are part of a worldwide social movement to improve discussions and conversations about death and dying, a taboo subject in our culture. They offer a unique opportunity for connection and exposure to our most significant and shared vulnerability – death.


Paint & Sip

‘Painting has been shown to promote stress relief, enhance memory, foster creative and emotional growth…It’s also just super fun! 
We host a delightful evening of painting to a calming Bob Ross tutorial or you can also let your creative genius guide you. We serve PIZZA and you can bring whatever drink you wish to sip on, while you create your masterpiece.
All painting materials are provided, including the canvas for your artwork which is yours to take home!



Morning Teas

UQMind successfully combine the two things med students love most: free things and coffee.


Morning teas are a time for students to catch up with each other and have a break. They are also a time to think and have a chat about your current mental health and wellbeing- “How are you looking after yourself today?”


We provide FREE cold pressed coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snacks! Run every few weeks, we hold as many of these events as possible at each clinical school. We are hoping to run more at each of the Rural Clinical School sites this year so keep a lookout.

Blue Week 

Our largest and most exciting event was born: BLUE WEEK. This consisted of a week-long range of events held for medical students to evaluate both their mental and physical well-being.


Traditionally held during Mental Health Week in October, Blue Week is an initiative of the Australian Medical Student Association (AMSA) – designed to raise awareness of mental health issues. 


UQMind has created our own flavour of Blue Week, with a number of specialty events including a Wellness Festival (ft. puppies, yoga, music) and a symposium.


Our symposia are the time and place to talk about some of the big issues affecting medical students and doctors. These events get us thinking about the important things we may be neglecting in our day-to-day life.

We invite a range of interesting speakers to share their interesting and memorable stories.